Upper Canada Hearing and Speech Centre

Welcome to the Upper Canada Hearing and Speech Centre, one of the Greater Toronto Area’s most respected treatment sources for the hearing and speech impaired.
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Audiology Services

Audiology services include diagnostic assessment for all age groups, central auditory processing evaluation, Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) for treatment of tinnitus and hyperacusis and mobile industrial hearing testing

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Hearing Aid Services

Hearing Aid Services include dispensing, fitting, repairs and modifications of all makes of hearing aids, custom earmold products, FM and assistive listening devices, batteries and accessories

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Speech Pathology Services

Speech Pathology Services provided by licensed speech and language pathologists deal with both receptive and expressive challenges for children and adults

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"Listen and learn" has become cliché for most of us, but for the millions of North Americans with hearing impairments, the phrase carries a bittersweet message. Approximately ten percent of the population worldwide suffers from some hearing loss.


To human beings, "life" consists of processing information through our five senses. When one or more of those senses is hampered or cut off, we experience a detachment from the vibrancy of everyday life - and the effects are frustrating, sometimes debilitating. Hearing and speech problems affect our quality of life. If you are experiencing difficulties in hearing and/or speech, you need information and help presented in an understanding, caring environment. Much of the physical isolation and psychological suffering that results from hearing loss stems from misconceptions about its causes and what can be done to help.

You are not alone...

Upper Canada Hearing and Speech Centre offers two locations in York Region to provide seamless service in the treatment of hearing and speech problems for people of all ages. The Upper Canada professionals are regulated service providers who are qualified to help you by administering a thorough evaluation, and implementing the best possible rehabilitative approach to dealing with your individual circumstances.

Not sure if you've experienced hearing loss? Contact us today and schedule a test.